Celebrities Who Look Like Younger Versions Of Other Stars

When young stars first venture out on their career paths, they probably aspire to become recognizable celebrities in their own right. However, as these familiar faces have found, the new kids on the block can wind up being compared to other famous folks who have come before them. And judging by the following examples, it’s not hard to see why that would happen! These celebrity lookalikes are uncanny.

Jeremy Allen White and Gene Wilder

One half of this almost indistinguishable pair is an actor currently known for cooking up a storm in Hulu's The Bear, while the other was a Hollywood legend who tore up the stage and screen, leaving fans in fits of laughter in hits like Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. Talent aside, The internet is getting all stirred up about just how similar these two actors look.

But can you tell the difference? Pictured here with only ten years between them, it's hard! With their matching curly locks and piercing blue eyes, we know whose phone will be ringing if there's ever a biopic about the first guy to play Willy Wonka!

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

If it weren’t for the fact that My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly is 13 years older than I, Tonya actress Margot Robbie, the pair could have been twins. The hair, the eyes, the face shape — their similarities are bordering on creepy!

Their matchy-matchy looks have even resulted in a number of articles being forced to answer the question, "Are Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly the same person?" At this point, we're really not sure anymore!

Justin Bieber and Paul Wesley

The resemblance between former teen idol Justin Bieber and The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley is uncanny. Though they’re separated by 12 years in age, the pair posess very similar-looking sculpted jawlines, shapely eyebrows, and brooding glares. And Wesley himself even appeared to acknowledge his likeness to Bieber back in 2013.

Photos posted on Instagram looked suspiciously like Wesley was dressed up as the pop star alongside co-star Nina Dobrev for Halloween. Admittedly, the costume consisted of only a grey beanie, but that was enough, given that they could be twins! 

Jessica Biel and Christy Turlington

With their bright, wide smiles, striking green eyes, and button noses, The Sinner actress Jessica Biel and supermodel Christy Turlington look like they could genuinely be related. Turlington is the middle daughter of three sisters, so what's one more?!

And with their 14-year age difference, the two could perhaps play on-screen sisters. In fact, given just how similar the pair appear, they could probably even pass as twins.