Shelter Gives Woman Odd 'Warning' About Her New Cat That Rattles Her

The Los Angeles shelter said he'd never be an indoor cat. They warned anyone who approached him about the risks of bringing him home. The notorious "Kangaroo Cat" was in danger, and a forever home seemed almost hopeless for the odd-looking feline. That is until Grace Choi came into his life. Still, the heroine's generosity eventually forced her to make a difficult choice.

Hero For Furry Friends

Grace Choi was always more than just an animal lover; she was a hero. Not only did she foster animals in need while taking care of her own, but she also was a board member of a very important organization.

Being There

Grace joined the nonprofit "Boomer's Buddies," a dog and cat rescue that specializes in saving vulnerable animals who need a little extra TLC before finding their forever family and home. Rising through the organization's ranks, Grace thought she'd seen it all.

A Cat In Need

Grace is always on the lookout for any animals in need, so when her mom showed her a video of a particular cat named Rumble, Grace teamed up with her organization to save him. She took it upon herself to pick up the cat, but when she arrived at the Orange County shelter in late 2020, she was shocked at what she saw.

Difference In Compassion

Grace already had the feeling this cat had been through a lot. Besides the irritation on his skin, there was a deformity that scared many potential rescuers away. Though Grace and everyone at Boomer's Buddies could tell the cat deserved a second chance, however, some of the shelter staff didn't quite feel the same way.