After Farmers Sheared This Sheep’s Insanely Thick Coat, They Couldn’t Believe What Stood Before Them

They finally found it! The creature wandering the Australian wilds stood in front of them. The woolly beast stumbled around, struggling under the weight of its own hairy cocoon. So it was time to capture the animal. Then they could finally see what was under the massive coat and, in doing so, save its life.

Since lockdown temporarily closed hair salons, only the most fortunate have avoided a hair disaster of some kind. Still, it’s a rare occasion when someone needs a shave and a haircut to save their lives. But that’s exactly the position animal rescuers found themselves in in 2021. Well, almost – they weren’t in danger themselves.

No, the one at risk wasn’t even a person at all. Witnesses spotted the creature tottering around one of Victoria’s public parks in Australia. It must’ve been wandering in the wild for years judging by the condition of its overgrown coat. So when the beast was finally caught, it was little more than a lump of thick, matted wool.

So what could we be talking about? Well, rescuers at Edgar’s Mission wrote on Facebook that it “was not Australia’s answer to the yeti, but a sheep,” since named Baarack. The poor creature’s eyes were almost completely covered by his coat, and little of his body was exposed. Only Baarack’s legs and a small portion of his face were visible.

The Guardian reported how the wool had grown so thick that Baarack “eked out an existence” on a diet of grass. As you can imagine, over the years Baarack’s wool had picked up all manner of unwanted debris. Rescuers found sticks, dirt and even insects inside it.