A Worker At Red Lobster Unloaded A Delivery And Discovered A Rare Creature

Picture this: it’s a warm, sunny day in Ohio. You’re working at Red Lobster unloading the day’s fresh catch. You open a crate to check the product, and that’s when you notice something odd. Actually, it’s more than just a little odd. It's something totally bizarre that you’ve never seen before — and you have to ask yourself whether you're looking at a real animal, or just some kind of practical joke.

Where the seafood comes from

The Red Lobster restaurant in question is in Ohio’s Cuyahoga Falls. That’s around seven hours by car from New York City and 40 minutes north of Cleveland. But despite being minutes from Lake Eerie, Red Lobster’s seafood is not typically found in that body of water, as employee Lora Jones knew all too well.

Fresh delivery

For the most part, the restaurant ships its main ingredients in from both ocean catches and farm-raised stock. And on that July day, the consignment drop-off was, as usual, delivered by air. You see, this form of transport cuts the travel time significantly compared to road routes, and it ensures the eatery’s ingredients are as fresh as possible, which is good to know!

A rather unusual catch

But when that day’s air shipment arrived, staff member, Lora, found something wasn’t quite right. She cracked open a crate, as she typically would, but this time she spotted an oddity among the usual fare. Jones then showed her colleagues what she had found, and none of them could believe their eyes.

Not on the menu

One thing all the employees knew for sure, though, was that this thing wasn’t going onto the menu. That’s because what they found lurking in the shipment was actually an incredibly rare discovery. But what makes this even more surprising is that Red Lobster goes to great lengths to prove where its ingredients come from.