40 Celebrities With Exotic Pets That Have Us A Little On Edge

From absurd baby names to spraying mansions, celebrities are always trying to outdo each other — even when it comes to their household pets! While some of the world's biggest stars celebrate their traditional pets like cats and dogs, others prefer to cuddle up with creatures you might find on a safari. Take a peek inside the zoo that is celebrity animal culture.

40. Melanie Griffith

When you grow up in Hollywood royalty like Melanie Griffith, you can have any pet you want, even a lion. "It was stupid beyond belief," Melanie later admitted about her mother, Tippi Hedren, letting a giant carnivore roam around their Los Angeles home. That said, they sure do look like a happy family! 

39. Mike Tyson

What came first for Mike Tyson: his tiger-filled cameo in 2009’s The Hangover, or his actual pet tiger? Believe it or not, art definitely imitated life! The boxer said that his fanged pet once attacked a trespasser on his property, so give the Tyson household a wide berth.

38. Paris Hilton

That's not a dog! Otherwise known as a "honey bear" for its tendency to raid bee hives, Paris Hilton’s pet kinkajou is more similar to a raccoon, olingo, or koala than a dog, but that doesn’t stop her from holding hers like one.

37. Ice-T

Ice-T is still making headlines decades after his musical success, but this time it’s for his animal interest. He likes sharks, specifically, and he keeps one in a professional-grade tank in his house!