These Are 50 The Deadliest Animals In The World

While our planet hosts an incredibly diverse and magnificent array of wildlife, some of these creatures are best ogled at a distance — a great distance. Here's an opportunity to peek inside a world we're not normally invited into, filled with creatures we should never come into close contact with. Counting down to the deadliest animal, we bet you'll never guess who sits at number one.

50. Mulga snake

You ever been told that snakes don’t tend to attack unless provoked? Well, the mulga snake has been known to bite victims while they sleep. It even has a good old chew to inject more nerve- and muscle-dissolving venom, too. And to make things even worse, that wound bleeds profusely. Yeah, we’re pretty darn scared now.

49. Cone snail

The cone snail is a slinking horror – creeping across the ocean floor with paralytic venom that is 1,000 times more powerful than morphine. It usually hunts fish using a biological harpoon to inject its poison, but people aren’t immune, either. Apparently, the cone snail’s toxin has claimed 27 human lives, according to Lewis Goldfrank’s book Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies.

48. Bison

So here's the funny thing about bison, these massive beasts won't bite you, because they're vegetarian. However, they can gore you with their horns, and they're also commonly known to just trample people. But how can you hate a face like that?

47. Sydney funnel-web spider

The Sydney funnel-web spider is enough to make even the toughest of us trembling arachnophobes. They have fangs bigger than some snakes do, and these are hard enough to pierce through shoes and toenails. Gulp! That neurotoxic bite has also been known to have killed a child in 15 minutes. Truly nightmare fuel.