Here’s What Your Favorite 'Dallas' Stars Are Up To Since The Show Wrapped

Remember Dallas? “Phenomenon” isn’t even the right word to describe it. The smash soap opera began in 1978 and instantly captivated audiences with its tales of the Ewings and their oil empire. Even famously silly plot twists couldn’t dampen the show’s appeal as the epic got bigger and better. Dallas finally ended in 1991, but its cast members remain beloved by TV fans everywhere. So here’s where they all ended up after the last episode aired.

40. Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy played Bobby Ewing, the younger brother in the Ewing family. You might remember his involvement in the most notorious plot twist in Dallas’ history. Bobby was supposed to have died in a 1985 episode, but the following year it turned out his death was all a dream.

Yes, really. Duffy even returned to the part of Bobby in the 2012 series reboot. And he’s still acting today, with another juicy soap role in The Bold and the Beautiful.

39. Larry Hagman

Before Dallas came along, Larry Hagman was best known for the role of Major Anthony Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie. But afterward, he was forever associated with J.R. Ewing.

He was even still portraying the legendary villain in the rebooted Dallas when he passed away in 2012. Many of his Dallas colleagues paid tribute to him on social media and remembered him fondly.

38. Linda Gray

Linda Gray played Sue Ellen, J.R.’s wife, in a whopping 308 episodes of Dallas. When the show finished she did a couple of other soap operas — Melrose Place as well as The Bold and Beautiful — before returning to the part of Sue Ellen for the reboot.

Her acting career is ongoing, with many TV guest spots and parts in made-for-television films, though her personal life hasn’t always been easy. In 2020 she revealed that her son Jeff, 56, had passed away.

37. Priscilla Presley

You might not remember, but the ex-wife of Elvis also turned up in Dallas. She played Jenna Wade, Bobby’s ex-lover who goes on to hook up with him again when he and his wife split up.

Of course, the part of Jenna was a relatively small one in terms of Presley’s overall career. She remains a household name today, and one who’s still frequently appearing on television. The 2023 movie Priscilla thrust her into the limelight once more.