Officials Responded To Strange Call Only To Find A 16-Foot Creature Hiding In This Florida Home

You never know what’s lurking in the dirt and muck of the Florida Everglades. One pair of locals learned this the hard way when they spotted something quite horrifying biding its time below a nearby building. A huge creature had made itself at home there, and it harbored a deadly secret that put the whole area at risk.

Dangerous animals in Florida

What could this creature have been? After all, Florida is teeming with dangerous creatures that you should try to avoid. Australia usually gets a bad rap when it comes to this sort of thing, but the Sunshine State is right up there in terms of fearsome beasts. Florida residents never know what to expect when something goes bump in the night...

The Florida panther

This may sound crazy, but some people fear the state's resident big cat. Known as the Florida panther, these gorgeous creatures are a true sight to behold in the wild, yet we wouldn’t want to get too close. Even though the animals aren't known to lunge at passerby, why tempt fate and become the first?


The Florida panther finds itself in a very precarious position at present. Sadly, the National Wildlife Federation’s website reports that no more than 130 of them are still alive in the state. That alone suggests that this might not have been the animal lurking beneath the building in the Everglades.

Size matters

Sure, the panthers do roam around that area of Florida, but it seems pretty unlikely. Their size, after all, basically rules them out of contention here. You see, while these eye-catching creatures can reach lengths of around seven feet, this monstrous beast beneath the home was far bigger than that.