If You Notice This Freakish Creature Washed Up On The Sand, Experts Urge You Not To Get Too Close

When 7-year-old Hunter Lane spied a flash of bright color in the sand, his beach day on the Texas coast suddenly got far more exciting. For while the electric blue creature he spotted appeared to be a kind of jellyfish, it was unlike anything Hunter had ever seen before. Thinking he discovered a new species, the curious boy scooped up the mysterious animal to show his parents... Yet, as Hunter soon found out, that was the very last action he should have taken.


Given the creature’s striking color and strange shape, though, it’s not hard to see why it drew Hunter’s attention. The animal’s stunning blue hue cuts a stark contrast against golden sandy beaches, after all. And the outlandish creatures must have astonished quite a few unsuspecting Texans when they began washing up on the state’s shores.

Dragon shape

But it’s not just the alluring shade of one of these mystery lifeforms that interests beach-goers. Its shape also makes it look like something akin to a dragon – and naturally arouses the curiosity of passers-by. Bizarre wing-like projections that end in darker tips protrude from the side of its body in several different places, too.

A rare species

So, just like Hunter had, many people may initially think that these things are a species previously unknown to science. And while experts are aware of these creatures, the animals are exceptionally rare – and can be incredibly dangerous. That’s why visitors must heed the advice of wildlife professionals regarding Texas’ beach invaders.

The official warning

In fact, the Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) has even issued a warning about the creatures. And according to the organization, if you do see any electric blue wildlife on beaches, you shouldn’t approach them under any circumstances. So stay away and don’t touch them – because these spectacular visitors pose more of a threat than you might think.