A Minnesota Couple Arrived Home From Their Vacation To Find That A Turkey Had Broken In

The vacation had been a welcome break, but then the couple got back to their home and saw the shattered window. Could it have been a burglary? Was the intruder still there? There was only one way to find out, so with growing unease, they crept inside…

Unusual call

In April 2017 the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department received an unusual call. Apparently, a couple from Shorewood, Minnesota, had returned from a short trip to an unsettling sight. It looked like there had been a break-in at their property while they had been away.

Broken window

The couple in question, the Petersons, had noticed a broken window at their property. They were presumably rather alarmed at the sight, too; after all, it could have been vandalism or even an active burglary.

Investigating the scene

It’s understandable, then, that the couple went to investigate the disturbance cautiously. And since they could see that the interior of the house had been showered with glass shards from the broken window, they knew it must have been hit with some force.

No concern

Whoever the intruder was, it seems that they hadn’t cared about stealth. Moreover, that might mean they wouldn’t be fearful about their trespassing being interrupted, either. And sure enough, the Petersons found the intruder brazenly sitting in their living room, acting as if he owned the place.