Cat Left Kittens On Family's Porch, Then Comes Back With More 2 Months Later

Life is hard for a mother cat in the wild. They're all on their own, about half the population hates them just for existing, and they have to fight hard to survive on the streets while caring for a litter of babies. One such feral cat had to leave her kittens, as is often the reality, but she was hardly gone for good. When she returned, a pair of Good Samaritan humans was shocked to see she wasn’t alone.

First Cat

Meggie and her boyfriend began caring for animals in need in 2014. It started when they took in the cat Zelda, who was about to be abandoned by a breeder. The couple's compassion for animals knew no bounds, and the next thing they knew, they were surrounded by rescues.

Planned Fosterhood

After Zelda, the couple took in two pit bulls. Looking to make an even bigger difference, Meggie volunteered for the local cat rescue One Cat At A Time in their hometown of Quebec, Canada. She learned the ropes of taking care of strays, but nothing would prepare her for what was to come.

In Comes A Storm

Living in Quebec for some time, the couple was used to the flooding season in the spring. However, the flooding in April of 2019 was particularly terrible. Homeowners had water up to their knees, and for Meggie, it also brought some unexpected guests to her doorstep.

Little Surprises

Meggie placed a winter box on her porch as a shelter for strays in her neighborhood, so granted, it wasn’t a surprise to find the occasional cat taking refuge inside. But in the wake of the flood, she discovered something out of the ordinary — three small kittens. Believing the mother would come back for them, she left them inside.