If People See This Brown Bug In Their Yard, They Should Take Urgent Action

The next time you go into your backyard, keep your eyes peeled. There could be something rather nasty lurking right under your nose. We’re referring to a tiny brown bug that’s turning out to be a lot more trouble than its appearance would suggest. And if you spot one, you'll need to follow these steps – before it's too late.

Identifying the critters

So, what exactly is it that you need to look out for? Because we all know it’s not always easy to identify certain insects. Well, in the case of this brown bug, it sports six legs and has a rounded body. Plus, the little critter has a pretty unique back that resembles an old shield.

Look up

When they’re fully grown, these brown insects are around 0.7 inches – so, pretty tiny! Though this won’t stop them from wreaking havoc in your backyard if they go undetected. And it’s not just the ground you need to pay close attention to, as these little bugs have wings.

Not just outside

But a further word of caution: these insects aren’t just content with roaming in your garden. They can crop up in your house, too. From the curtains to cracks in the walls, they’ll get everywhere if you’re not too careful. And no one wants that, right? To be blunt, infestations suck.

An awful name

So by now, you’re probably wondering what these little critters are called. Their species is named Halyomorpha halys – otherwise known as the brown marmorated stink bug. Not the most flattering of labels, is it? But given the problems they cause, they’ve no doubt heard worse from angry gardeners and homeowners!