Boy Playing On Harbor Steps Soon Felt A Strange Presence Lurking Behind Him

When this young boy peered into the water, he expected to see some fish and not much more. But as he looked out to sea, he felt something move by his feet. And when he saw the size of it, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

A remote Spanish island

La Gomera is a Spanish Canary Island that sits in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the African coast. It is known for its gorgeous, untouched landscapes and attracts visitors from near and far all year round.

Old hippie haven

The main tourist resort on the island is called Valle Gran Rey and was once a haven for hippies. Today, all kinds of people visit the area, and the town’s biggest draw is its glorious beaches. With that said, though, in recent years the resort has become known for another, quite peculiar attraction.

Caught on camera

Nearly a decade back, someone caught a strange spectacle on camera. The footage was then posted on YouTube, where over 50 million people have watched it. And it’s not hard to see why viewers have found the video so mesmerizing.

Innocent splashing

The video opens with a little boy stood in the water on the edge of Valle Gran Rey harbor. As if to attract something, he starts splashing his hand in the waves. And then, not before long, a giant fin arrives sloshing at his feet.